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Welcome to the 27th HTF and the 4th CIAMIE

Sponsored by:
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.China
The People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province
The People’s Government of Harbin Municipality
Organized by:
Committee of Industry and Information Technology of Heilongjiang Province (Association of Advanced Materials Industry of Heilongjiang Province)
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Heilongjiang Committee (Heilongjiang Convention and Exhibition Bureau)


Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (abbreviated as HTF) has been successfully held for consecutive 26 years since 1990. More than 200,000 international and domestic exhibitors and visitors from about 80 countries and regions on average come to the fair each year. HTF has become a window for China to develop a diversified international market and an important platform for Northeast Asia regional cooperation.

The 27th HTF will be held in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 15th to 19th, 2016. The 4th China International Advanced Materials Industry Exposition (abbreviated as CIAMIE) will be held at the same time. The 27th HTF will offer 3,000 international standard booths, 86,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition area, which consists of international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilion, new materials and supporting industry area, strategic emerging industry area, technological innovation area, new construction materials area, equipment manufacturing industry area, energy efficient and environmental friendly products area, cross-border E-commerce and Internet plus products area, financial products area, Machinery and Electric Products Pavilion. Over 1500 enterprises, universities and research institutes from home and abroad will be invited to participate in and visit the 27th HTF. We will provide exhibitors and visitors with the first-class exhibition facilities, modern business network and perfect services. We will strive to create a safe, efficient, convenient and comfortable exhibition and trading environment, build an ideal platform for trade negotiation and investment cooperation.

You are cordially invited to the 27th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair and the 4th China International Advanced Materials Industry Exposition.

Look forward to meeting you in Harbin!

Exhibition Time        8:30-17:00 June 15th–June 18th, 2016
8:30-14:00 June 19th, 2016
Exhibitor Entrance Time    7:30 June 15th, 8:00 June 16th -June 19th
Venue  Harbin International Conference Exhibition and Sports Center
(No. 301 Hongqi Str., Nangang Distr., Harbin, China)
Exhibition Coverage
86,000 ㎡(3000 international standard booths )

Professional Exhibition Pavilion

International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilion:
Foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment environment and projects, technology, service, culture, tourism, enterprises and specialty products, etc.

New Materials and Supporting Industry Area:

Advanced steel materials, nonferrous metal materials, petrochemical materials, construction materials, light industry materials and textile materials, etc. (including special alloys for high-end equipment, high-performance separation membrane material, high-performance fibers and composite materials, new energy materials, electronic ceramics and artificial crystals, rare earth functional materials, a new generation of biomedical materials, advanced semiconductor materials, display materials, 3D printing materials, superconducting materials, intelligent bionic materials, graphene materials)

Strategic Emerging Industry Area:
Strategic emerging businesses in the field of robots, welding, laser communication, radar information, navigation, intelligent equipment, ship power, etc.

Domestic Provinces and Cities Area:
Image of domestic influential cities, propaganda and promotion on investment, famous enterprises and products, etc.

Technological Innovation Area (the 6th China Harbin International Science and Technology Achievements Fair):
New materials, new energy and energy saving technologies, biomedical technologies, advanced manufacturing and information technology, agricultural innovation and intensive processing, environmental friendly and public security.

New Construction Materials Area:
Energy efficient and environmental friendly materials, paving material, steel structure, doors and windows, kitchen equipment and household goods, construction hardware and fittings, paint, lighting, decoration materials, etc.

Equipment Manufacturing Industry Area:
Complete sets of equipment for power plants, power transmission equipment, aircraft manufacturing, engine manufacturing, numerical control machine and CNC machining centers, automation control, instrumentation, precision bearings, measuring and cutting tools, universal equipment, special equipment, welding equipment, coal mining equipment, petrochemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.
Energy Efficient and Environmental Friendly Products Area:
Energy efficient technology and equipment, energy-efficient products, energy efficient service industry, advanced environmental friendly technology and equipment, environmental friendly products and services, etc.

Cross-border E-commerce and “Internet plus” Products Area:
Cross-border e-commerce, E-trade cross-border e-commerce, “Internet plus” cooperation projects, etc.

Financial Products Area:
Banking, insurance, securities, investment institutions, etc.

Cooperation with Russia Area:
Projects on Cooperation with Russia and Enterprises Promotion

Cultural and Tourism Industry Area:
Cultural industry, cultural innovation industry, cultural blending industry, tourism industry, special tourism products.

Machinery and Electric Products Pavilion:
Food processing and packing machinery, plastic machinery, logistics and supply chain equipment and technology, woodwork machinery, water treatment equipment, road and bridge construction and mining machinery equipment and fittings, printing and packing machinery, hardware tools, auto fittings, etc.

Outdoor Exhibition Area:
Large scale engineering machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery, large scale vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy vehicles etc.

Major Business Activities:
Matchmaking Conference on Fund and New Materials Industry.
The Inaugural Ceremony of China Graphite Industry Alliance and New Materials Development Summit Forum.
Cross-Border E-Commerce Cooperation Conference for the Belt and Road Initiative.
Matchmaking Conference of China Heilongjiang and EU.
Matchmaking Conference of Enterprises among Heilongjiang , Australia and New Zealand.
Korean Mega Enterprises and Financial Institutions Journey to Harbin.
China-Japan Economic and Trade Cooperation Seminar.
Major Regional Cooperation Seminar among China, Mongolia and Russia.
The 15th Anniversary of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Establishment and Industry Cooperation Conference.
Jewish Entrepreneurs and Financiers Journey to Harbin.
The 3rd Top Think-Tank Forum of China and Euro-Asian Economic Union Cooperation
The 9th Cooperation Conference among Heilongjiang, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Russia Enterprises

Exhibitors may register online through the official website (http://www.hljhzw.org.cn), the deadline for registration is April 30th , 2016.

Booth Cost
A. Hall A, B and C
1. International standard 9㎡(3m×3m)booths are available at US$1,500 each during the exhibition. Each indoor standard booth is facilitated with 3 pieces of exhibiting boards, a desk, 3 chairs, a piece of carpet, 2 spotlights, a power socket of 220V/3A (within 500W), a lintel board with Chinese and English name of the exhibitor.
2. Decorated standard 9㎡(3m×3m)booths with a minimum requirement of 36㎡during the exhibition and increase by 9㎡ are available at US$1,900 each during the exhibition. Each indoor decorated stand booth is facilitated with 3 pieces of exhibiting boards, a desk, 3 chairs, a piece of carpet, 2 spotlights, a power socket of 220V/3A (within 500W), a lintel board with Chinese and English name of the exhibitor.
3. Indoor exhibition bare land is available at US$155/㎡ with a minimum requirement of 36㎡during the exhibition and increase by 18㎡, with no exhibition devices.
B. Machinery and Electric Products Pavilion(Exhibition Tent)
Each 9㎡booth costs US$900 during the exhibition. Each booth is facilitated with 3 pieces of exhibiting boards, a desk, 3 chairs, 2 spotlights, a power socket of 220V/3A (within 500W), a lintel board with Chinese and English name of the exhibitor.
C. Outdoor exhibition area is available at US$30/㎡during the exhibition, the minimum area to lease is 50㎡, no exhibition facilities and power supply provided.

1. You are kindly requested to remit the rent for booth prior to May 15th, any delay in remitting of the above rent shall be regarded as a voluntary withdrawal from the exhibition, booth reserved for you will be rearranged.
2. Payee: Administration Office of China Harbin Economic and Trade Fair
3. Bank of Account for US dollars: Bank of China, Heilongjiang Branch
4. Add: No. 19 Hongjun St., Nangang Dist., Harbin China
5. Account Number: 166451764815

Transportation team shall provide concerning exhibits transportation services.
Contacts: Ms. Zhao Hongmei
Tel: +86-451-87023505, 13704804143

1. Exhibitor Card: every standard booth (9㎡) is facilitated with 3 cards in hall A, B, C, D, every 50㎡ outdoor exhibition area is facilitated with 6 cards.
2.Booth Setup and Dismantling Card: every standard booth (9㎡) is facilitated with 2 cards, every 50㎡ outdoor exhibition Area is facilitated with 4 cards.
3. Booth Setup and Dismantling Card for Car: the car for exhibitor setup and dismantling only.
4. For further information please refer to http://www.hljhzw.org.cn.

Booth Setup and Dismantling
1. Booth setup and dismantling time:
08:00 June 8th - 12:00 June 14th: Self-decoration booth setup
08:00 June 12th - 12:00 June 14th: Standard booth setup
12:00 June 14th: Exhibition hall shall close for security inspection
14:00 June 19th – 18:00 June 20th: Booth dismantling
2. Self-decoration booths setup implements construction access mechanism and strictly follows the “Construction and Design Management Stipulations of Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair”. Please submit to us in advance the graphic design, effect picture, circuit design of the self-decoration booths to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition for approval prior to May 15th. For further information please refer to www. hljhzw.org.cn.
3. For self-decoration booths, all the setup work shall be done outside the exhibition hall and may assemble in the hall. The height of exhibition for indoor booths may not exceed 6 meters.
4. Please submit to us the setup floor plan of the standard booth or dismantle drawing of the isolation board between booths to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition prior to May 31st. Should any change be made after the completion of the booth, setup work shall not be performed until the application is approved and extra fee is paid after June 8th.
5. In course of booth setup, it is not allowed to occupy public space or block anti-fire equipment. Exhibitors must clean up all the setup wastes and packaging materials instantly.
6. Exhibits entrance during the fair are not allowed.

Exhibition Services
1. The Exhibition shall provide concerning services for exhibitors and visitors such as consultation, customers matchmaking, supply and demand information release online, etc.
2. The Exhibition shall provide concerning services for exhibitors such as booking hotel, employing translator, renting car, travel, etc.
3. Service Center in the pavilion offers the following services: rental of exhibition facilities, post, tickets, bank, communication, network, business center, etc.
4. Some departments such as Customs, Inspection & Quarantine, Industry & Commerce, Quality Supervision, Intellectual Property Right, Law shall provide on-site services, which include legal and policy consultation, settle the problems and disputes during the Exhibition.
5. The Exhibition shall provide services for exhibitors such as enterprise website construction and maintenance, exhibitor information inquiry, etc. For further information please refer to www.hljhzw.org.cn.

Advertising Services
The Exhibition shall provide advertisement services for exhibitors, mainly dealing with advertisement in and out of the exhibition hall, main streets of Harbin, Guidebooks of the Expo, entrance tickets and the official website.
Contacts: Mr. Zhang Jianxun   
Tel: +86-451-82273912,13351780557
Fax: +86-451-82273913
E-mail: wz-189@163.com

News Center
Provide project-issuing platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises to publicize and promote enterprise image.
Contacts: Ms. Jin Jiaying

Heilongjiang Convention and Exhibition Bureau
Add: No.35 Meishun St., Nangang Dist., Harbin China 150090
Contacts: Mr. Sun Shu    Ms. Jin Jiaying
Tel: +86-451-82340100    Fax: +86-451-82345874/82340226
Website: http://expo.hljhzw.org.cn   E-mail: eng@hljhzw.org.cn

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Heilongjiang Convention and Exhibition Bureau Add: No.35 Meishun St., Nangang Dist., Harbin China 150090
TEL:+86-451-82340100 FAX:+86-451-82340226 E-mail:eng@hljhzw.org.cn