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Booth Setup and Dismantling

1. Booth setup and dismantling time:
08:00 June 8th - 12:00 June 14th: Self-decoration booth setup
08:00 June 12th - 12:00 June 14th: Standard booth setup
12:00 June 14th: Exhibition hall shall close for security inspection
14:00 June 19th – 18:00 June 20th: Booth dismantling
2. Self-decoration booths setup implements construction access mechanism and strictly follows the “Construction and Design Management Stipulations of Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair”. Please submit to us in advance the graphic design, effect picture, circuit design of the self-decoration booths to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition for approval prior to May 15th. For further information please refer to www. hljhzw.org.cn.
3. For self-decoration booths, all the setup work shall be done outside the exhibition hall and may assemble in the hall. The height of exhibition for indoor booths may not exceed 6 meters.
4. Please submit to us the setup floor plan of the standard booth or dismantle drawing of the isolation board between booths to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition prior to May 31st. Should any change be made after the completion of the booth, setup work shall not be performed until the application is approved and extra fee is paid after June 8th.
5. In course of booth setup, it is not allowed to occupy public space or block anti-fire equipment. Exhibitors must clean up all the setup wastes and packaging materials instantly.
6. Exhibits entrance during the fair are not allowed.

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